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10 of the best Linux desktop icon themes compared

Want to pimp your Linux desktop? Want to refresh your Linux desktop this spring? Try these themes and icon packs for your Linux desktop.

From the blog post:

Linux generally has good, clean looks but the icons are sometimes… a bit lacking. However, with a few small changes, your desktop can look amazing with these icon packs. Icon packs are generally a large amount of images which control how your application, file, and system tray icons look.

Most of the themes below will have installations based in the terminal (Ubuntu / Fedora / Arch), but for some of them, you need to download the actual files. In those cases, you can simply download the theme archive (.zip, .tar.gz), and extract to the folder .icons for the icon theme to be installed on your user. To install for all users, move the icon theme folder to /usr/share/icons/ instead.