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Awesome collection of ZSH (Z shell) tips for Linux and Unix users

The Z shell (zsh) is a Linux shell. It works in an interactive login mode as well as for shell scripting. The zsh extended Bourne shell with a large number of improvements including file globbing, programmable command-line completion, spelling/error correction, themeable prompts, loadable modules, and much more.

Some tips, tricks, and examples from the page:

man zsh          Zsh overview 
man zshmisc      Anything not fitting into the other sections
man zshexpn      Zsh command and parameter expansion
man zshparam     Zsh parameters
man zshoptions   Zsh options
man zshbuiltins  Zsh built-in functions
man zshzle       Zsh command line editing
man zshcompwid   Zsh completion widgets
man zshcompsys   Zsh completion system
man zshcompctl   Zsh completion control
man zshmodules   Zsh loadable modules
man zshzftpsys   Zsh built-in FTP client
man zshall       Meta-man page containing all of the above
info --index-search=age zsh         # get man info for zsh function age *N*
zinfo(){info --index-search=$1 zsh} *N*