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Collection of Linux tutorials for 31/July/2017

Some how Linux howtos and guides for you:

  • Does your Linux server need a RAM upgrade? Lets check with free, top, vmstat and sar : e’s This article will walk you though performing command line checks on your Linux server(s).
  • Delivering RPM packages securely and continuously with Jenkins and Hashicorp Vault: When you publicly deliver more than eight releases a day—like we do for Tuleap—making sure that users can verify the authenticity of the deliverables becomes a challenge. Over the past few weeks we have modified our Jenkins build pipelines to GPG sign every RPM package we deliver, thus enhancing the level of security we bring to every Tuleap user.
  • Learn regex the easy way: Regular expression is a group of characters or symbols which is used to find a specific pattern from a text.
  • Extremely Fast MySQL Backup and Restore Using Mydumper/Myloader: Mydumper and Myloader are utility software programs that allow you to perform extremely fast and reliable multi-threaded MySQL backup and restore which is written in the C programming language.
  • How to test the network speed/throughput between two Linux servers: I have setup total four servers in cloud based data center. They run either CentOS or Ubuntu Linux. I need to make sure clustered file system performance is reasonable as my servers shared with other users. How do I check the speed between the two Linux servers using command line options for private LAN/VLAN?
  • LINUX FU: BETTER BASH SCRIPTING: It is easy to dismiss bash — the typical Linux shell program — as just a command prompt that allows scripting. Bash, however, is a full-blown programming language. I wouldn’t presume to tell you that it is as fast as a compiled C program, but that’s not why it exists. While a lot of people use shell scripts as an analog to a batch file in MSDOS, it can do so much more than that. Contrary to what you might think after a casual glance, it is entirely possible to write scripts that are reliable and robust enough to use in many embedded systems on a Raspberry Pi or similar computer.
  • Top 25 Nginx Web Server Best Security Practices: This page collects hints how to improve the security of nginx web servers running on Linux or UNIX-like operating systems.
  • KMail Bug Sent Encrypted Emails in Plain-Text — for 4 years: KMail’s ‘Send Later’ caused PGP encrypted private emails to be sent in plain-text
  • How-to guide: Enable debugging to capture NFS logs: How-to guide: Enable debugging to capture NFS logs
  • How to Size Your MongoDB Clusters: Overprovisioning remains a rampant problem, which companies such as Qubole aim to solve through automation. It can be costly when using public clouds if companies pay for more capacity than they need to run their workloads. Underprovisioning, however, can lead to dire performance problems and customer churn.