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Getting started with GNU screen on Linux

GNU Screen is a free and open source software. It acts as a terminal multiplexer and often used as virtual consoles by programmers and sysadmins. You can use multiple session with a single user login window. You can detach and reattach sessions from your terminal.

GNU Screen (or just Screen) is a useful and versatile, but somewhat under-appreciated utility that, as part of the GNU project, is included or available in nearly every Linux or UNIX distribution. Screen is a terminal multiplexer, similar to what you would find in a window manager. It is an especially helpful utility if you are restricted to working on a computer or a virtual machine either over an SSH link or through a terminal session on the console. Two of the features that I find most useful are the ability to open multiple windows within the screen session, and the ability to disconnect and reconnect Screen without losing the current session.