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Google Chrome Won the Browser War

Sad truth. Google won the browser war. I love Firefox very much and use it daily. What about you?

From the blog post:

Mozilla published a blog post two days ago highlighting its efforts to make the Desktop Firefox browser competitive again. I used to closely follow the browser market but haven’t looked in a few years, so I figured it’s time to look at some numbers.

The chart above shows the percentage market share of the 4 major browsers over the last 6 years, across all devices. The data is from StatCounter and you can argue that the data is biased in a bunch of different ways, but at the macro level it’s safe to say that Chrome is eating the browser market, and everyone else except Safari is getting obliterated.

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  • Mozilla has gone too far down the “Net Nanny” road. In an effort to make the browser safe for the general users they have alienated the people who use the browser essentially for a living, Sys Admins. I am now locked out of a bunch of legacy systems because I can not get the later version of firefox to connect to them.

    They also removed the option to tell firefox I know what I am doing and I can trust these systems no matter what the certs are doing. And with Java going the same way, I’m forced to run older versions of both to access the legacy systems.

    Seems to defeat the whole purpose of having the security measures forced on you in the first place.