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Heads up: Debian Linux shutting down public FTP services on November 1, 2017

Good news. FTP is slow, insecure and works poorly with the firewall. I hope every open source project shut down their FTP server ASAP.

From the mailing list:

After many years of serving the needs of our users, and some more of
declining usage in favor of better options, all public-facing
FTP services will be shut down on November 1, 2017. These are:


This decision is driven by the following considerations:

* FTP servers have no support for caching or acceleration.
* Most software implementations have stagnated and are awkward to use
and configure.
* Usage of the FTP servers is pretty low as our own installer has not
offered FTP as a way to access mirrors for over ten years.
* The protocol is inefficient and requires adding awkward kludges to
firewalls and load-balancing daemons.