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How to boot the Linux Kernel Without an initrd or initramfs

Initial ramdisk used by Linux and other operating systems for loading a temporary root file system into memory. The initrd and initramfs are two different processes for doing this. This tutorial shows how to boot the Gentoo Linux kernel with an initrd or initramfs to speed up boot time.

No, this is not a myth… It’s not a legend… It’s the truth and it’s doable!

As you probably guessed from the title, in this article we’ll uncover the truth behind booting the linux kernel without using an initrd or an initramfs!

Before we even start, booting without an initrd/initramfs might speed up your boot time by 100ms to 500ms. However, on some setups it may slow down your boot time by 800ms to 1sec!

I’m using Gentoo Linux and can confirm that you can achieve a bootable kernel without initrd/initramfs.