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How to build ultra-geek Linux workstation

This guide explains how to build ultra Linux workstation that for privacy and security in mind. The detail includes hardware and software configuration. Pretty impressive work, but no word on cost though.

From the blog post:

So I’ve gone a little overboard collecting notes about what seems to me to be an ideal Linux workstation for hackers. Everything from hardware to software. Thought I’d share it with you all because many of the items on the list were a surprise to me, and I think you’ll enjoy them. Feel free to write me and suggest even better ideas.

Will I actually build it? Who knows, but the research has been fun and educational in an OCD kind of way.

Design Goals

User actions should complete instantaneously.

  1. Corollary.
  2. Privacy.
  3. No idling program should use a perceptible amount of CPU.
  4. Avoid interpreted languages, web-based desktop apps, and JavaScript garbage.
  5. Delegate to quality hardware components.
  6. Hardware privacy.
  7. Software privacy.