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How to download package using YUM or APT-GET on Linux server

The yum command is the best mechanism for installing, deleting, and managing CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux RPM software packages from the official repo. The apt-get is the main tool for managing Debian, Ubuntu and Mint Linux .deb software packages from the official repo.

From the blog post:

Many production environments dont prefer to configure YUM or APT repositories on all servers. This is to avoid accidental installation of packages or up-gradating packages which may cause issues on operations. Most of them uses centralized patch server to push updates to all servers.

In such setup, if you want to install single package on a server then you need to have standalone package file .rpm or .deb with you. Directly downloading packages from internet is refrained in production areas. So you have to get packages from server with registered YUM or APT repository configured.

Learn how to download package from YUM or APT repository. Standalone package can be used to install on other server which has no YUM or APT configured.