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How to easily manage MySQL/MariaDB tables and schema changes from the CLI using Skeema

Do you want to use an open source tool that provides ease of use when it comes to managing database schemas for MySQL? Look no further try Skeema, an Automatic MySQL schema management tool written in Golang.

From the project page:

Skeema is a tool for managing MySQL tables and schema changes. It provides a CLI tool allowing you to:

  1. Export CREATE TABLE statements to the filesystem, for tracking in a repo (git, hg, svn, etc)
  2. Diff changes in the schema repo against live DBs to automatically generate DDL
  3. Manage multiple environments (dev, staging, prod) and keep them in sync with ease
  4. Configure use of online schema change tools, such as pt-online-schema-change, for performing ALTERs
  5. Convert non-online migrations from Rails, Django, etc into online schema changes in production
  6. Skeema supports a pull-request-based workflow for schema change submission, review, and execution. This permits your team to manage schema changes in exactly the same way as you manage code changes.

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  • This is very nice and it is written in Go lang. I love nifty tools.