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How to edit files securely on Linux when using sudo command

The sudo command is pretty risky when you give vi or Vim text editor access to ordinary users. A normal user can edit /etc/sudoers or grant himself/herself more sudo privileges and so on. Another risk is running commands such as :!/bin/rm -rf /boot/* as vim allows for the shell command to execute.

From the article:

Suppose you are a system administrator in a company where teams mostly work on Linux with limited privileges. Now imagine a situation where members of one of the teams – as part of some new work – need to frequently edit a file that requires superuser privileges. What would you do?
One option is to give them the ‘sudo’ access, but that would be like giving a stranger access to your complete home when all they require is to be in only one of your rooms – what I mean is, default ‘sudo’ access will let them do anything that requires root privileges, when all that is required is the ability to edit a certain system file.