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How to flash ROMs with a Raspberry Pi and Linux

A ROM (read-only memory) is nothing but a chip often found in a video game cartridge, a computer’s firmware or a laptop/desktop motherboard. Many vendors lock down your freedom with their propitiatory ROMs. You need to use the special-purpose hardware-flashing tools to flash your laptop, or any other device that you own. This tutorial explains how to use a cheap Raspberry PI computer and Linux to flash your ROM.

From the article page:

I previously wrote a series of articles about my experience flashing a ThinkPad X60 laptop with Libreboot. After that, the Libreboot project expanded its hardware support to include the ThinkPad X200 series, so I decided to upgrade. The main challenge with switching over to the X200 was that unlike the X60, you can’t perform the initial Libreboot flash with software.