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How to install true random number generator in Linux

Pandom is a true random number generator outputs on demand through /dev/random 8 KiB/s entropy of 64 ubits/64 bits on Linux. It works with both physical and virtual/cloud environments. Current available version for linux kernel 2.6.9 and newer with amd64 / x86_64 processor.

From the tutorial page:

This tutorial is for amd64 / x86_64 linux kernel versions greater and equal to 2.6.9. It explains how to install pandom: a timing jitter true random number generator maintained by The built-in Linux kernel true random number generator provides low throughput under modern circumstances, as for example: personal computers with solid state drives (SSD) and virtual private servers (VPS). This problem is becoming popular in linux implementations, because of the continuously increasing need for true random numbers, mainly by diverse cryptographic purposes.