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How to improve website page load times in Django

Django a free and open source web framework, written in Python. This tutorial explains Python tips and tricks on how to improve website page load times by optimizing images. A good site speed means a better user experience.

From the article:

Getting websites to load quickly is a consistent battle, as page sizes have ballooned over time. Back in 2011, we were dealing with sites that were averaging 700KB in size, and thought to be a bit extreme.

Now we’re dealing with sites that are routinely 2MB or higher. That is the size of Doom, a video game from the mid 90s.

The main driver of most of this bloat is images. In June 2011, the average site had 480KB of images, and now the average is 1.4MB.

You can employ 3 different strategies to approach this problem. Let’s take a walk through them.