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How to secure your Fedora Linux webserver with Let’s Encrypt SSL/TLS

Let’s Encrypt SSL/TLS offers a free SSL/TLS certificate for your web server such as Apache, Nginx and more. This quick tutorial explains how to secure a Fedora Linux server with certbot.

From the blog post:

A year and a half ago the Let’s Encrypt project entered public beta. Just over a year ago, as the project left beta, the letsencrypt client was spun out of ISRG, which continues to maintain the Let’s Encrypt servers, into an EFF project and renamed certbot. The mission remained the same, however: to provide quick, simple access to free domain validated certificates, in order to encrypt the internet.

This week marked a significant point in the development of Certbot as the recommended Let’s Encrypt client, with the 0.14 release of the tool.