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Let AMD know you want Coreboot / Libreboot support and open sourcing the PSP ( Platform Security Processor ) on Linux

There is no doubt AMD PSP (Platform Security Processor) or Intel ME (Intel Management Engine) a hardware backdoor directly built into your CPU that could be used by a 3rd party without your knowledge to gain access to your personal data. Coreboot or Libreboot disables PSP backdoor. Yesterday AMD President and CEO Dr. Lisa Su did an AMA on Reddit user 1n5aN1aC requested to support Coreboot / Libreboot support and open sourcing the PSP:

Dear AMD, could you please release the Platform Security Processor (PSP) source code to the Coreboot / Libreboot project? (or publicly) The current perception of AMD (and Intel) among FOSS groups like this is not exactly, stellar.
While these people are a minority among tech users, it could be used to AMD’s advantage in a Public Image Perception against Intel. So please, take a moment to consider releasing the source code of the PSP to FOSS groups. Did I also mention sites like exist to sell secure laptops to people? They are not a fan of Intel Management Engine last I heard.

AMD replied as:

Thanks for the inquiry. Currently we do not have plans to release source code but you make a good argument for reasons to do so. We will evaluate and find a way to work with security vendors and the community to everyone’s benefit.

AMD, if you release PSP or given an option to install coreboot/libreboot, I will buy your CPU

Not kidding. I will only buy your CPU. So, it seems that AMD might consider releasing PSP source code and make AMD CPU compatible with coreboot/libreboot. Spread the news and let AMD know you want options that supports your privacy and freedom while using Linux operating system using any one of the following method:

  1. AMD Twitter
  2. Amd forums
  3. Amd contact page