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Linode announces high-Memory Instances and $5 Linodes VPS cloud servers

Linode is my top choice for hosting SSD based cloud VPS server to run Linux or FreeBSD operating system.

While our standard instances offer a balance of RAM, CPU, and storage and are great for general use-cases, some workloads (and budgets) would benefit greatly from specialization. Because of these varying needs we’re announcing our first specialized instance family: high-memory instances and also a new $5 Linode. The Linode lineup grows. High-memory instances are optimized for memory-intensive workloads like high-performance databases, in-memory caching, rendering and data processing. High-memory instances offer a higher ratio of RAM to CPU and storage, start at 16GB of memory and scale up to 200GB, and range from $60 to $960 per month. See the chart below for specifics or visit our simple pricing page.