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Linux and Unix shell productivity tips and tricks

Linux and Unix shell productivity tips and tricks
An excellent collection of shell tips and tricks to increase your productivity at the command line. It includes keyboard shortcuts, shell expansions, history, and much more for Linux and Unix users.

Linux and Unix shell productivity tips and tricks

From the blog post:

This article is part of a self-published book project by Balthazar Rouberol and Etienne Brodu, ex-roommates, friends and colleagues, aiming at empowering the up and coming generation of developers. We currently are hard at work on it!

I estimate that I spend around 50% of my day working in my text editor and my terminal. Any way I can get more productive in these environments has a direct and measurable impact on my daily productivity as a whole.

If you spend a good chunk of your day repeatedly hitting the left and right arrow keys to navigate in long commands or correct typos, or hitting the up or down arrow keys to navigate your command history, this chapter should help you get more done quicker. We will cover some shell features you can leverage to make your shell do more of the work for you.

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