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Minimal Linux Live version “20-Jan-2017” has been released

Have you ever considered building your own Linux based operating system? Well, you are one step closer to achieving this goal. Minimal Linux Live is the project which gives you all the tools that you need in order to build minimal and fully functional live Linux OS entirely from scratch.

The project has undergone a major restructure over the past few months and version 20-Jan-2017 brings many exciting features and functionalities.

  • The default build process produces really small ISO image which is only 7MB.
  • UEFI support has been added and the same ISO image can boot on both BIOS and EFI based machines.
  • Third party software can be added to MLL via the newly introduced concept of “overlay bundles”. These bundles are stored separately from the MLL structure, either on the same or on different media. During the MLL boot process the overlay bundle structure is automatically detected and transparently loaded over the existing root filesystem. The overlay build subsystem has been designed to be separate and independent from the main MLL build system. This means that you can build and test one or more overlay bundles without changing or even touching the MLL build process.
  • MLL can persist the changes which have been made during the live session. Of course, this means that either the boot media should be writable, or additional writable device should be present at boot time.
  • You can choose whether to boot in normal text mode or in graphical mode.

There are many more features and enhancements introduced with this version of Minimal Linux Live. You can find more information on the official website here:

The project has 270+ stars and 70+ forks on GitHub: