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New PiCluster v1.6 Lets you move Docker containers to different Raspberry Pi servers


A new project for Raspberry PI users who wish to run container orchestration but finds Docker Swarm not that good and Kubernetes was too difficult to install currently on ARM. The project has been updated with new features:

From the announcement page:

I am pleased to announce v1.6 of PiCluster. In this release there are a few usability bugs fixed and a new feature that allows you to change the host of a running container. Having the ability to easily change where a container is running is a standard and crucial feature to expect from a container management platform. I am glad that it is finally here and let’s explore how it works!

In my PiCluster I have six Raspberry Pi 3 nodes. My Dockerfiles’s are maintained in a Git repository that is available on each node. I think that this approach is the most efficient way to keep track of the Dockerfiles because I can easily build any of my container images on any host without having to manually copy files back and forth.