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System76 is going to be designing and manufacturing their Linux-based hardware in-house

System76 is a USA based computer hardware company that sell laptops, desktop, and servers preloaded with Ubuntu Linux operating systems. They are well know for supporting and using Ubuntu open source operating system instead of Microsoft Windows. They are now planning to make their hardware in USA itself.

From the blog post:

Robots and automation! Manufacturing efficiency will keep prices competitive. And like software development, our manufacturing will continuously integrate product design improvements into production.

We’re starting with desktops. There’s a lot to learn and the form factor is easiest to work with. Both design and CAD work are well along their way. We’re prototyping with acrylic and moving to metal soon. Our first in-house designed and manufactured desktops will ship next year. Laptops are more complex and will follow much later.

It’s going to take some years, but by the end of phase three, we’ll be able to create anything. We’ll apply our unique computers for creators perspective to every aspect of our products.

My wish list for System76

  • Use AMD CPU in both desktop and Laptop.
  • A small NAS server with 2 or 4/5 bay powered by Intel or AMD low powered CPU with ECC ram.
  • A small ARM-based nas server 2 or 4 bay powered by Ubuntu LTS.