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Systemd free Devuan Linux (Debian fork) RC 1.0.0 released

Devuan is a fork of the Debian Linux distribution. It was created in November 2014. The main goal is to release Debian-like system without systemd.

Devuan logo

Devuan logo

From the announcement page:

Dear Init Freedom Lovers,

Once again the Veteran Unix Admins salute you!

Our April 2017 gift to you is the long-awaited release of Devuan Jessie stable release candidate (1.0.0-RC). If all goes as planned, this will be our first Devuan stable release and our first long term support (LTS) release as well.

This Devuan Jessie release candidate is as close as we can get to a “long term support” universal base distribution free from systemd, in the original spirit of Debian.

The final Devuan Jessie release will follow shortly and then we will turn our attention to “Ascii”, the current testing branch.