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The ultimate Linux newbie user guide

Looking for easy to follow guide for Linux? Want to know how to select a Linux distro? What about package manger and format? This guide is for new Linux user. If you have used Linux before, this guide is not for you. From the website:

Since 2001, The Ultimate Linux Newbie Guide has been helping individuals switch to the Linux Operating System. This guide can help both beginners, and seasoned computer users alike learn all the important parts of choosing, using and installing Linux, a great free operating system for your computer and help you remove the dependency on non-free, closed source software that is commonplace in Microsoft Windows or Mac OS.


  1. Chapter 1: What is Linux
  2. Chapter 2: Why Linux – What’s the Benefits?
  3. Chapter 3: Choosing a Linux Distribution
  4. Chapter 4: Preparing to Install Linux
  5. Chapter 5: Installing Linux (Ubuntu)
  6. Chapter 6: How do I get software for Linux?
  7. Chapter 7: How do I install software?
  8. Chapter 8: Using Linux Every Day

A free pdf version is also available for download from the following url: