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Alpine Linux 3.6 released

Alpine Linux Development team released Alpine Linux v3.6. Some of the features introduced into Rust 1.17.0, Cargo 0.18.0, PHP 7.1, LLVM 4.0, Go 1.8, Python 3.6, nginx 1.12 and Ruby 2.4. Support added for 64-bit little-endian POWER machines and 64-bit IBM z Systems. Docker images are based on Alpine Linux. Alpine Linux was designed with security in mind. The kernel is patched with an unofficial port of grsecurity/PaX, and all userland binaries are compiled as Position Independent Executables (PIE) with stack smashing protection. The simple and lightweight OpenRC is the init system currently used by Alpine Linux. Unlike Debian, Ubuntu, RHEL, Arch Linux and CentOS distributions of Linux, Alpine does not use systemd. See how to update Alpine Linux 3.5 to 3.6 here.

lk-reducer: A simple tool for Android Linux kernel audits

Linux kernel source tree reducer is a helper program to clean unused files from a project source directory. It’s main purpose is for reducing the size of a Linux Kernel source tree. This program uses the Linux inotify subsystem to monitor for accesses and modifications within a directory hierarchy. By watching which files are and are not accessed during a successful build, we can determine which files are unecessary and thus able to be removed.
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